Ruvitex is an engineered roof waterproofing material of the highest quality for flat and low pitched roofs.

Ruvitex single ply roofing systems are manufactured to exacting standards and Ruvitex membranes offer world class solutions for all flat, low pitched and curved roofing designs.

Ruvitex Authorised Contractors

As Ruvitex Authorised Contractors, we have undergone rigorous training in the installation of hot air welded single ply systems and have the necessary experience, tooling and attitude to provide a first class guaranteed standard of work.

Ruvitex Systems

Ruvitex Bonded System is a flame free flat roofing system suitable for attachment to plywood/OSB board and tissue faced PU insulation boards.

The Ruvitex Mechanically Fastened System is an engineered flat roof solution suitable for a range of new build and renovation applications.

Ruvitex Green Roof Systems are increasingly popular. Green Roofs provide the ideal environment for insects and wildlife and used in conjunction with decking areas can provide a relaxing private area.

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